Dark Moon Damsel Oracle Deck & Card Meanings

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Being honest with ourselves is an important step in living an authentic life which has to do with exposing ourselves and going all in, right down to the naked truth. Authenticity doesn’t mean perfect though. It means accepting your flaws and working with them, rather than having them hold you back. Instead, you step up for yourself. Put forth what you know you can do and just live and reconnect to your roots, nature, love, and your creativity. Fully accept yourself rather than pick yourself apart.



Every moment is a new beginning in some way or form. A way to think and act differently, a surprise opportunity coming your way, saying yes to a new endeavor, walking away from an old life. We can paint a new future each day, but we have to start by taking that first step. Envisioning a new you, better living; creating form out of nothing. It can be intimidating or tedious, but everyone and everything starts with a small idea, a simple form, and one step. Don’t be hesitant to start.



This card is much like locking yourself in your own room, needing to be alone to sort out your thoughts and emotions but to also stop absorbing other people’s influences so you can find your own truth. However, sometimes we can stay in for too long and start isolating ourselves which can build up fears and insecurities. It can even turn into boredom and stubbornness, all because we become comfortable in our four walls. Eventually we have to start looking at how much this box is helping or hurting us.



It’s difficult to see things clearly when there’s a flood of information going in and out of us, both truths and illusions confusing our hearts and minds. This is when we must stop and observe the facts, opening up to humbleness and being honest with how we really feel and what we really think. So pause for reflection to become aware of what’s going in and out of your life, what’s taking your energy, and what or who you’re giving it to.



Don’t worry about perfection. You won’t always get everything right, but so long as you show up in whatever you’re doing and wherever you go, at least you’re there. Sometimes people can get too scared to show up, so take that step for yourself even if you feel out of place, in the dark, or uncertain. No one else can stand in your place but you, so be brave and take up the spotlight, take up your space. The light within you is meant to shine!



We are never meant to stay in the same place or be the same people all our lives. Eventually we have to change and this gives us a chance to envision a good future and prepare ourselves to step into the unknown. Though be aware that while you may plan for every step, setbacks and blockages can still surprise you. Keep moving anyways and be brave. Even if the end or parts of your journey isn’t what you expected, you’ll be where you needed to be all along by following your heart and listen to your spirit.



Getting attached to things that no longer exist or do not serve you keeps you from seeing new opportunities to do something new and better. Let go of the past and stop trying to reconnect broken threads. It’s time to step into a new day, taking the lessons from your experiences and applying them to build better foundations. You have the power to manifest a new present. Confidently step into the now and take action. Utilize your talents and abilities to create the kind of present you want and make life move again.



Truth is all around us, whether it’s good or bad, and you must shed light on it so that you can continue moving forward with less obstruction and delay. With the knowledge of what you’re truly facing you are more able to navigate out of difficult situations. When you are aware of what’s going on around you and inside of you, you are able to figure out the best actions to take and can make decisions and conclusions that you can stand by. 



You have free will and are connected to the Universe’s endless energy. Though you were born with these gifts, it can take a long time for us to recognize the power within them. Rekindle yourself with your own personal power and the choice you have to take action, to manifest, and evolve. You are not powerless, even if you have been through trying times. Use your energy for personal empowerment to get out there and get what you want, to ameliorate situations, and to enjoy life and live!



We reflect nature in many ways and one of the ways we are like nature is that it takes a lot of hot pressure and the right environment for a beautiful crystal to form. We, too, can be transformed by pressure and our environment, but only if we choose to keep pushing against it. Find solutions to keep standing or a better direction that will help your evolution. Through these hardships you can learn great lessons and emerge stronger and wiser.



The jellyfish relies on it’s senses and the waves of the ocean to guide it, and that’s kind of like us. We feel out our lives but it’s difficult for us to trust the Universe to provide for us and lead us. Our consciousness gets in the way with negative feelings and thoughts that keep us from trusting that Source is working with our highest good. Sometimes you’ve got to be like the jellyfish and float on without worry. Even when it’s dark, you’ve got to glow with faith that you’ll be where you need to be and have what you need.



Though we are a part of this world, we occasionally need a break from it to replenish ourselves. Go on vacation, take a day off, something that gives you a chance for self-care, whether it’s for the body, mind, or spirit. It’s okay to make space and time just for that and choose who is or isn’t going to be around. You need to be able to meet with yourself and peacefully meditate, heal, or relax. When you do this, you bring more centeredness to yourself, thus more energy and connection to Source.



To flourish is to thrive, to grow and have abundance. Though by the context of this card, it’s not just about the material things but how you feel on the inside about yourself and your approach to life. You’ve got to feed and nurture yourself within, accept yourself and your ups and down, care less about what everyone thinks, and just allow yourself to grow and be in your fullness. Be open to the beauty and opportunities of life and say YES to living a full life regardless of what’s going on outside of you.



When it’s dark out and life is drab and trying, you have to take note from the scorpion and be ready to defend when darkness is trying to corner you and be ready to attack when it’s trying to consume you. If you continue to fight, not only will you find the light again, but you get the chance to turn knowledge into wisdom for it’s through these battles that you learn how to overcome when challenges arise.



There is power in fragility. Letting yourself be taken care of, being loved, being sensitive and feeling. If a flower refused the sun and water to nurture it, it would never bloom. We have to learn how to see the strength and wealth in being fragile and allow, not just ourselves but others, to be in this state as well. Because when we welcome in gentleness, either receiving it or giving it, we create space for true love and growth.



Sometimes we don’t understand why we have to go through certain things until one day we realize how far those experiences have taken us. Part of this process is Source leading us to spiritual development, but a bigger part is us choosing to grow with our challenges and lessons so that we can get upgraded to greater responsibilities and gifts from life. Be flexible and operate from a place of faith. Remind yourself of all the times you’ve gotten up again and have come out the other side cause you are on your way to higher levels. Keep moving forward.



There are gifts all around us but we can miss out on them due to our attitudes, such as being ungrateful, not looking hard enough, or not allowing ourselves to receive or be more giving. Every day there is something to be seen as a gift, something to give, and something to say yes to. It can be a helping hand, the roof you’re under, a kind word. When we give and when we accept, we are adding more goodness into our lives and into the world.



There are times in life when we are overwhelmed with negative emotions and by difficult circumstances. It can be hard to stay positive and when you have no answers and the only thing Source is telling you is to hold on, then gracefully descend. There are shifts happening in your life for a reason and even if they are uncomfortable, believe that Source can use these pathways in your favor. Use this time for cleansing and grounding, sorting through your inner self to seek what you may need to learn or what actions to take next.



We can form a hard heart because of life, but that doesn’t mean we have to settle with a heart made out of cement. Instead, take all the negativity around you and transmute that energy into fire to inspire and refine you so that fire can create a heart of beautiful crystal. Enforce it with self love and self belief. Give yourself permission to choose yourself and use this brilliance to keep you moving forward and up.



Small actions can lead to bigger things, such as small acts of kindness creating big impacts or small ideas turning into grand creations. However, we can sometimes feel as if we’re constantly in that small phase no matter how much we’ve grown, given, or have. This is when you must remember when you truly were only starting. Keep humbleness in your heart and don’t forget to be grateful, giving, and compassionate to yourself and to others.



Doing, or being, something bigger and better can be hard for us to see sometimes. We can get too comfortable or familiar with our lives, or we can even get distracted or deceived with temporary satisfactions and mediocrity. This card disturbs that routine and brings in the beginning of change that will usher in new perspectives and realizations that will assist you in breaking illusions so that you can improve or upgrade your life.



Intuition isn’t always a guaranteed yes, just like having a generally positive attitude doesn’t mean you never have negative feelings, but intuition can definitely be a good guide when you have enough clarity and self trust to listen. To get in touch with your intuition you must clear yourself of imbalances, get to know yourself, and have more belief in what’s unseen. The less confusing energy, the clearer you can understand the messages from your spirit.



This card can be up to interpretation, whether you practice witchcraft or like to believe there are moments in life so coincidental or miraculous that it’s like magic. Both have to do with believing that something is or will happen on purpose and that the Universe is listening and supporting you. Sometimes we have to believe in such things to inspire hope and drive so that we take action on the signs around us and create the outcomes we wish for. Visualize and manifest.



To move is the nature of our world, and how we are moving affects our spirit, environment, and our future. Sometimes we move with the pain and outdated viewpoints of the past. Even living in the idea of the future is a form of movement that can overwhelm us, forgetting to be in the present. Being aware of how you move gives you the opportunity to be here now and bring purposeful living and creative energy back into your life.



Though at times keeping our eyes on the prize or maintaining our individuality is important, we have to discern the difference between dedicated, stubborn, and naive. Your experience, preference, and wisdom are valuable and valid, but is not the only answer or way to proceed. Open your heart and your mind to new understandings. There will always be something new for us to learn or step into.



The illustration for this card is inspired by the 3 of Swords in tarot which is depicted with a heart and 3 swords stabbed through it. Here, the swords are now removed so there can be healing and growth. Though just as it takes time for plants to mature, it will also take time for you to heal or to turn your dreams into reality. Listen to your heart and lead yourself with love, patience, and care.



Perspective is everything, so they say, and it’s true that where we stand is only what we can acknowledge and comprehend unless we step outside of our box and get a different view. This is how we learn to empathize with others, how we find the silver lining in a bad situation, and how we change our viewpoints on ourselves. Hopefully, by looking around to get a better understanding, this new insight may help you grow.



This card can mean a few things. Protecting something like your heart or your dreams until it can bloom. It can also be overprotecting something and keeping it from it’s potential and even protecting something that won’t grow. We all have our reasons but sometimes those reasons can get skewed and wind up overtaking our true intentions. So examine yourself careful with how far your actions are truly taking you.



Sometimes you need to let go for a bit to relax and destress. You must put yourself first once in awhile cause feeling good physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is important to your balance and relationship with self. You are your first lover before anyone else so treat yourself well. Cleanse and let things go with the water and don’t forget to release all of the junk energies that try to latch on to you.



When someone or something is howling in your face trying to push you down, maintain your grace. Spring back up like a willow tree and come back with flair, style, and class. However, even though this tree does become stronger through it’s hardships, it also teaches humility. It still bends, not just to whip back, but because sometimes we must learn how to bow down. There is power and grace in both characteristics, being able to be flexible and move with life’s challenges.



We live in a world of duality. As there is day, there is night, and both function together harmoniously. In ourselves and in our lives there is also light and dark which we can use as tools to gain insight and clarity to our situations so that we can improve them. However, a willing and patient attitude is needed to bring about balance and restoration. It takes more than one effort and looking at more than one aspect to bring things together and mend what’s broken.



There are secrets we keep to ourselves, from each other, and secrets of life the Universe has yet to reveal to us. We can even hide or suppress ourselves. In certain circumstances, it’s better to keep things as is but in others, it can leave us in a state of confusion or pain and that alone can hinder our lives and cut down our options because we start to operate from fear and doubt. You have to discern whether you ought to reveal the truth or keep those secrets, or come out or stay hidden. The choice is yours to open gates and close them.



It is a powerful gesture to cut something away. This cut can expose us to our vulnerabilities, showing us where we feel weak and lacking, but also showing us the power and freedom of choosing who we want to be and what we want to do next. Endings shouldn’t be feared, they should be celebrated as new beginnings. This is your life, your new chance and opportunity to free yourself and step out of your comfort zone as a new being.



There’s a vast unknown world out there that is larger and more powerful than we are and tt times it can feel as if our problems are so small in comparison. Some days we need this feeling so that we don’t overwhelm ourselves with stress. Just look at nature, take a deep breath, and give yourself a moment to marvel in the fact that you were born as a part of this magical, mystical universe. You’re here for a reason and you don’t have to figure it all out at once. Once in awhile, you just need to be.



There are a few meanings to this card. One is of rest, either laying something down that no longer needs your energy or taking a real break. Another is about potential, what you could be unaware of that you could invest into and put into action. The main meaning is having clarity of your energy and how you are using it, whether it’s working for you or against you. Our energy is precious but there are times we can carelessly use it or waste it.



We can become so rushed that we forget to take a break or enjoy a simple moment. It’s important that you remember to reconnect with yourself even in small moments to replenish your spirit and drive. Go swing on a swing set or go out in nature. Even a few minutes alone with your favorite song can be enough sometimes, but if you can, really stop and relax so you have the mindfulness and energy to move again.



A thankful heart opens itself up to receive happiness, forgiveness, and a broader future, vibing out to the Universe to give you more to be thankful for. Remember to be thankful to those who have helped you up, those that left you but in turn made you stronger, and yourself for continuing to stand when life has tried pushing you down. Sometimes this is all we need to keep going and to improve our day and outlook.



This card is a reminder of how you’re spending your time. This is your life and energy and you ought to be doing something you want on purpose and aim to fill it with the kind of work, joy, and goodness you desire. Maybe less stress, more fun. Less dreaming, more doing. There’s no going back for do-overs but we do have the option to be here now and remind ourselves that we have a say in our future’s outcome.



The morning glory is considered an evasive plant. It overgrows and it’s hard to get rid of, It takes over walls and penetrates fences, but like this plant, we can’t allow anyone tell us what we are or how far we can go. You are unlimited. You can grow where you are or move on to something bigger. Even if that fence is high, if you don’t stop growing, you’ll make it through. Rest when you need to but don’t give up and believe in great possibilities.



We aren’t born with wisdom but we weren’t introduced into the world with no support or guidance to attain it. There is wisdom all around us waiting for us to recognize that in each corner of life there is a lesson. Look to nature, your relationships, your hardships, your dreams, etc. There is wisdom everywhere to help us get up, manifest, find peace, and all sorts of assistance to elevate our lives.